Australian born Nathan Riki Thomson is a double bass player, composer and educator. He can also often be heard playing various western and non-western flutes, as well as Tanzanian ilimbas and other varieties of African kalimbas. Nathan has collaborated and performed with musicians from many parts of the world, with a special interest in Africa, where he lived and worked with traditional musicians and dancers for five years.


During his time in Tanzania, Nathan established a series of arts based community projects and was a student of master musician Dr. Hukwe Zawose. Nathan was born and raised in Australia where he completed undergraduate studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, followed by postgraduate and master’s studies at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. He served as a core member of the acclaimed Antonio Forcione Quartet, touring extensively with the group internationally for 10 years. Nathan is currently a member of several bands, including Subsonic Trio, Electronic Chamber Music, Ilkka Heinonen Trio, and Mari Kalkun and Runorun. 


Nathan is featured on numerous CD and DVD releases and his debut album ‘Under Ubi’s Tree’ was released on the UK label NAIM. He was a Lecturer at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London for 10 years and works on community and education projects for many organizations. Nathan has been involved in researching trans-cultural arts practice for the Guildhall and has designed several innovative projects for the British Council in Africa and The Philippines, with a focus on collaboration between musicians from different cultures. His most recent project involves artistic doctoral research under the theme of ‘Resonance’.    


Finland is his new home, where he is currently Lecturer and Programme Leader for Global Music studies at Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki.