Listen to excerpts from ‘Shaped by the Sea’


Adriano Adewale: percussion

Dylan Fowler: guitar

Ilkka Heinonen: jouhikko

Mari Kalkun: vocals

Nia Lynn: vocals

Nathan Riki Thomson: double bass, flutes, marimbula

Genevieve Wilkins: vibes, marimba

Mauricio Velasierra: Colombian flutes

Natasha Zielazinski: cello


Listen to excerpts from ‘Under Ubi’s Tree’

Adriano Adewale
berimbau, calabash, pandero, percussion
Simon Allen
concertina, dulcimer, bass harmonica, harmonium, waterphone, percussion
Nathan Riki Thomson
double bass, flutes, kalimba, kantele, litungu
Special Guests

Jenny Adejayan : cello
Antonio Forcione : guitar
Jan Hendrickse : fujara, wagogo flute, ney
Marit Lyngra : violin
Nia Lynn : voice
John K Miles : bass flute
Cassius Mlewa Maganga : voice, percussion
Katja Thomson : viola, voice

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To download a high definition version of Under Ubi’s Tree from the Naim Label follow this link