Double Bass
I play a circa 1860 German bass from the Mittenwald school. It is full of cracks and character.

Ilimba (Tanzanian thumb piano)
The ilimba is a traditional instrument of the Wagogo people in central Tanzania. It has an incredible tuning system with a series of sympathetic keys, which are very finely tuned to create a halo of harmonics.

Kalimba (tunable thumb piano)
My kalimba is a hybrid instrument made by an instrument maker who has taken influence from various thumb pianos across Africa. It can be tuned however you like.

Litungu (Tanzanian bass lute)
The Litungu plays pentatonic bass lines by plucking strings made from fishing line.

Filimbi (Tanzanian overtone flute)
This is the traditional flute of the Wagogo people in central Tanzania. It is traditionally made from a hollow length of bamboo or the bark of a specific tree. In recent times PVC or metal pipe has been used. This flute plays off five notes in the harmonic series and has no finger holes and no mouth piece.

Maasai flute
Although the flute is not traditionally found in Maasai music, this flute was designed and made by a Maasai musician I met in northern Tanzania.

Maori Flutes
Traditional Maori flutes from New Zealand. Various pitches. These flutes create haunting and bird like sounds.

Silver flutes
Alto Flute
Bass flute
C flute